Evaluation of E-Commerce websites success

Fraunhofer INT


For traditional businesses, E-commerce is a good opportunity for growth of enterprises as well as for rapid development and it often outperforms traditional businesses. Important for E-Commerce is a successful website.

Problem: The evaluation of E-Commerce website's success concerning E-Commerce success factors from literature is time and cost consuming.

Solution: Based on machine-based learning, latent features are extracted from E-Commerce websites and assigned to E-Commerce success factors. This shows strengths and weaknesses of E-Commerce websites and it enables to optimize own E-Commerce websites. Further, successful E-Commerce companies can be distinguished from less successful E-Commerce companies. This enables to optimize own business relationships.

Case Study

Approaches and case studies are published in

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Thorleuchter, D., Van den Poel, D.: Companies Website Optimising concerning Consumer's searching for new Products. In: International Conference on Uncertainty Reasoning and Knowledge Engineering (URKE 2011). IEEE Conference Publications Management Group, NJ, USA, 2011.

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