Mining Ideas from the Internet

Fraunhofer INT

Idea Web Mining is defined as the process of extracting new and useful ideas from the internet. Here we present an approach for idea web mining. This approach bases on the idea mining approach for finding new and useful idea from textual information. To integrate textual information from the internet we use a web search engine (Google) and “Google Ajax Web API” as programming interface.

The used methodology is described in a journal article submitted to "Technological Forecasting and Social Change".

We present a blog content mining approach (Idea Blog Miner) on WKDD 2010 conference in the field of text mining, text classification or knowledge discovery of texts (KDT): Dirk Thorleuchter, Dirk Van den Poel and Anita Prinzie: Extracting Consumers Needs for New Products. In: Proceedings of WKDD, IEEE Computer Society, Los Alamitos, CA, 2010.

Here we demonstrate our applications based on this web content mining approach.

Mining ideas from the internet: Idea Web Miner

Mining ideas from the internet patent databases: Idea Patent Miner

Mining ideas from the internet news databases: Idea News Miner

Mining new product ideas from consumers published in Internet Blogs: Idea Blog Miner