Identifying the Innovative Potential of New Ideas

Fraunhofer INT


The starting point of each innovation is an innovative idea. It is important to identify ideas with innovative potential by time.

Problem: Many innovations fail because ideas with low innovative potential are selected as starting point.

Solution: Here we present an approach for automatically extracting innovative technological ideas from textual information. Therefore we firstly define characteristics of innovative ideas, we secondly extract ideas from textual information using the idea mining approach and we thirdly analyse these extracted ideas concerning the characteristics of innovative ideas.

Case Studies

Approaches and case studies are published in

Thorleuchter, D., Van den Poel, D.: Identification of Interdisciplinary Ideas. Information Processing & Management 52(6), 2016, 1074-1085.

Thorleuchter, D., Van den Poel, D., Prinzie, A.: Mining Innovative Ideas to Support new Product Research and Development. In: Hermann Locarek-Junge, Claus Weihs (editors): Classification as a Tool for Research, Proceedings of the 11th IFCS Biennial Conference and 33rd Annual Conference of the Gesellschaft für Klassifikation e.V., Springer, Berlin-Heidelberg-New York, 2010.

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Here we demonstrate our first prototype application 'Mining Ideas for Technological Innovation' based on this approach.

Mining innovative ideas