Weak signal based technological trends

Fraunhofer INT


A well-known approach to support strategic planning with forecasting is to identify and to analyze the development of signals especially of weak signals.

Problem: Existing approaches for identifying weak signals often fail in practice because of the very high manual effort caused by collecting the required data and by providing the required context information.

Solution: Based on an automated internet scanning procedure, semantic text classification approaches and our idea mining application, we are able to extract these weak signals from the internet that are relevant for a specific company. This enables a technological forecasting for the next five years.

Case Study

Approaches and case studies are published in

Thorleuchter, D., Van den Poel, D.: Weak signal identification with semantic web mining. Expert Systems with Applications, 40 (12), 2013, 4978-4985.

Thorleuchter, D., Scheja, T., Van den Poel, D.: Semantic Weak Signal Tracing. Expert Systems with Applications, 41(11), 2014, 5009-5016.

Thorleuchter, D., Van den Poel, D.: Idea Mining for Web-based Weak Signal Detection. Futures 66, 2015, 25-34.

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